Monday, February 18, 2008

Two Killings

There were two recent incidents in which a single killer took the lives of several other people. In one case, the killer survived, in the other the perpetrator was killed during the incident.

In the first incident, the killer committed an illegal act, taking the lives of 5 innocent people and injuring many more before taking his own life.

In the second incident an innocent person was in the midst of a legal activity and killed 8 people involved in an illegal one.

A driver in Baltimore Maryland came upon a group of people that had entered a highway to watch an illegal drag race. Smoke from the tires and an early morning haze prevented the driver from seeing the crowd until it was too late.

The innocent victims of the Northern Illinois University were in the middle of what society tells us is the ultimate in safety - a gun-free zone. And it is safe, as long as everyone follows society's rules and does not attempt to harm their fellow man. However,

2.2 million
people are currently in prison in the United States for some violation of society's rules, so we know that not everyone is a follower. And armed with this basic knowledge of human nature, our culture's response is to deprive the innocent majority of their true path to safety - the ability to defend themselves.

The right to bear arms is simply that - a right. Tell Americans that you are going to take away the privilege of driving (it is not a right) and there will be uproar. But those of us who believe in the 2nd Amendment are supposed to quietly accept a reduction in liberty.