Thursday, September 14, 2006

Things Willa teaches me about God

I was driving to school this morning listening to Revolution, by George Barna. My buddy TJ loaned me his copy on CD, and like him, I have to rewind pretty frequently just to make sure I heard what I think I heard.

I had listened to one section about three times. The point was that worship is not for the worshipper but for the one worshipped. I understood that and listened on. A while later, as I got excited about the idea of revolutionary Christian living, I finally truly got the point. I was driving along, thinking "I want to do something important (for God)". The emphasis was of course on me. I want to be important. But a revolutionary doesn't see himself as important, only God is important (I know that we are important to God, Jesus died for us, etc., but our worth comes completely from Him, so it is still all about Him.)

So how does Willa fit into this? I often need real world examples to wrap my mind around ideas, and I often use my relationship with Willa. For instance, if I am watching television, Willa is lying beside me on the floor, and I turn of the TV, Willa jumps up, ready to go. This is not because she understands what a television is and that she knows the pretty pictures are gone now so I might as well leave. No, she understands me (as much as she can). She is a devoted follower of me, and when the TV goes off, she knows that I am about to move, so she gets ready to move also. I wish I had the diligence in my observation and study of God that she has in studying me.

But back to doing something important for God. Willa is a good dog. She doesn't have accidents in the house or destroy furniture, she is very obedient, and scares away people when I don't want to answer the door. I even expect her to protect our house while I am away and she is there. But, if I come home and the house has been robbed and she slept through the whole thing, would I love her less. NO, because all I truly want from her is what she gives me every day, love and absolute devotion. I don't expect her to contribute important things to the family, I don't even need for her to. I just want her to love me.

I think that's what God wants from me. My buddy TJ has a phrase - "God doesn't need me to get it done" . I think I may have just gotten it.