Wednesday, November 01, 2006

An inadvertant lack of equality

It may be possible, implausible and improbable though it may be, that some poor soul has wandered to this site, looked at my most illustrious list of links, and attempted to find, by following those links, just who is Fred Reed and why does Leatherwing link to him. Well, due to the lack of an = (that's an "equals" sign) the link to Fred was rerouted back to this page.

The problem has been corrected, I hereby offer apologies and encouragement. Go check it out. Fred is an old codger, and most of his articles reflect his codgeriness. But they also reflect the opinion of an old soldier, world traveller, journalist, and thinker. You may not agree with all he says, but will probably laugh a little and maybe see things from another perspective. (Mild warning: he is an old codger and occassionally uses words you wouldn't say in church. But you've probably heard them all before.)