Thursday, August 09, 2007

Look for me on Google maps Streetview!

A few weeks ago I read about the fleet of Chevy Cobalts that Google is employing to take photographs for their new Streetview feature of Google Maps. The streetview is so far limited to larger cities, like New York, Vegas, Denver, LA and San Fran.
So imagine my surprise when I saw one of them driving down my street with their little camera mounted on top. I am fortunate to live at a four way crossroads at which three of the ways are dead ends - so I knew I could catch him on his way out. (It is possible that the photos for my section of the street were taken on the ingress and the camera was turned off on the egress - to save film perhaps - but we'll have to wait and see.)
If the camera was working, there should be a picture of me sitting on my porch taking this picture of Google's picture taker.(You have to enlarge to see the camera mounted on the roof.)