Thursday, July 01, 2010

My son-in-law checked! This one is TRUE!*

Subject: [Fwd: [Fwd: You have to read this!!]]

I don't normally forward these, but this one is just too good.

>Subject: [Fwd: You have to read this!!]
>I got this from my best friend's daughter.
>You should pass it along to all your friends.
>I know they'll appreciate it!!

Every one in America (of a certain age) has heard of Madeline Murray O'Hair. Once known as the most hated woman in America, she founded the American Atheists organization, and was nearly single-handedly responsible for having PRAYER and BIBLE READING removed from PUBLIC SCHOOLS when she SUED the Baltimore City Public School System. In 1995 she was MURDERED by having her HEAD and HANDS cut off!!

A few people in America know that Madeline Murray O'Hair's son rejected her atheist teachings and became a CHRISTIAN - he even founded his own organization to promote Christianity.

But almost no one knows what I'm about to tell you. I recently visited my daughter's church in Louisiana. The pastor announced that they had a special guest who had been asked to share with the congregation a story that he had recently told the pastor.

The guest was a POLICE OFFICER from San Antonio Texas who had cracked the MURDER of Madeline Murray O'Hair by arresting her KILLER, David Roland Waters. David Waters was a notorious criminal in TEXAS and had actually been hired by Madeline Murray O'Hair because he too was an ATHEIST.

The POLICE OFFICER spent many hours interrogating David Waters. What he learned was amazing. David Waters grew up in a CHRISTIAN home in MARYLAND. He enjoyed school, especially the PRAYERS that the students used to recite each morning. When schools stopped having PRAYERS, David Waters drifted away from CHRISTIANITY, eventually rejecting his upbringing and becoming an ATHEIST. Once he STOPPED believing in GOD, he stopped caring about other people. He eventually drifted south to TEXAS, where his petty crimes became increasingly VIOLENT. When he went to work for Madeline Murray O'Hair, he killed her for the MILLION dollars in GOLD coins that she had.

But this is the FASCINATING part. When David Waters lived in Baltimore Maryland he attended the SAME school that Madeline Murray O'Hair sued in 1960 and STOPPED PRAYER and BIBLE READINGS!

It just goes to show that there is a GOD and he has a sense of HUMOR!

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